The consortium consists of the following partners:

ECORYS Nederland B.V.

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ECORYS Nederland is one of the oldest and largest economic research and consulting companies in Europe. We provide a full range of services, from detailed and specific socio-economic research and policy advice, through consulting and training, to large programme management and implementation. We are active at all levels of policy-making and work worldwide on complex market, policy, competitiveness and management issues. Our main practice areas include: economics and competitiveness; regions, cities and real estate; transport, mobility and infrastructure; social policy and government (regulation). Within ECORYS, we have run the ‘Competitiveness programme’ for several years and are currently further increasing our capacity within this programme.

We assist governments, at all levels, and the private sector, in developing and developed countries, implementing policies at both macro and sectoral levels. We seek to encompass the whole picture from economic, environmental and socio-political perspectives. Our work covers all or any of the stages of the policy cycle from problem identification to implementation and programme/project management.

Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute is a private not-for-profit accredited institute under the Danish accredited Technological Service system. DTI holds a central position at the point where research, business, and the community interest intersect. The Institute’s mission is to promote sustainable growth and innovation by improving interaction and encouraging synergy between these three areas.

Over the years, the Centre for Policy and Business Analysis has accumulated considerable socio-economic expertise with an emphasis on the role of competences, technology and innovation in the knowledge economy. Particular emphasis lies on interdisciplinary methods, both quantitative and qualitative, and semi-experimental models that can assist in bridging research, policy formulation and reflected innovation offering platforms for dialogue and interaction through web tools, scenario methods and vision workshops.

Our activities include the following fields:

  • Competence and labour markets, e.g. education and training, active labour market policies, flexi-curity, knowledge and innovation, industrial relations.
  • Industry and business policies, e.g. sector analyses, value chains, competitiveness, productivity, restructuring and conditions for innovation, key enabling technologies.
  • Technology and society, e.g. the interaction between technology and labour markets, training, social inclusion, business development and public sector innovation.

Cambridge Econometrics


Cambridge Econometrics (CE) specialises in the application of economic modelling and data analysis techniques to the needs of clients in business and government. It is a leading independent economic forecasting group with the fullest portfolio of forecasting services available in the UK. CE’s core competence is gathering, processing and analysing large datasets efficiently and accurately, and extracting the meaning from these data. CE develops, operates and maintains a suite of sub-regional, regional, national, European and global economic models which require the regular update of detailed databases to be consistent across geography, sector, time and other dimensions.



The ifo Institute for Economic Research was founded in 1949 as an independent, non-profit research organisation. The ifo Institute is one of the largest private economic research bodies in Western Europe and one of Germany’s six leading economic think tanks.

The CESifo Group is a unique research group in Europe, combining the theoretically oriented economic research of the university with the empirical work of ifo, placing this combination in an international environment.

The services of the CESifo Group range from internationally established service products, such as the ifo Business Climate Index, to internationally acclaimed research. The ifo Institute has considerable know-how in survey techniques and analysis and has built up a large data base. The ifo Institute places great emphasis on sectoral economic investigation and the relationship between macroeconomic developments and individual branches of industry and/or markets. Research and information focus on issues of practical interest to policy makers and the business community and empirical issues.

IDEA Consult

IDEA Consult

IDEA Consult is a private and independent research and consultancy organization. IDEA provides a wide range of services, varying from quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, STI policy advice and strategic planning, to monitoring and evaluation. Where necessary, IDEA translates its advice into supporting tools that can be used to quantify the effects of different scenarios. IDEA Consult has five key business areas:

  • Competitiveness, regulatory management and innovation;· Labour and socio-economic policy;
  • Regional and urban development;
  • Real estate and spatial development;
  • Transport and mobility.

One of IDEA’s strengths in the field of competitiveness is its thorough knowledge of horizontal aspects that codetermine sectoral competitiveness as well as analysis of non-traditional sectors.

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

Founded in 1972, Euromonitor International is the world’s leading independent provider of global strategic intelligence on industries, countries and consumers. Euromonitor’s business intelligence products include award-winning online information systems, market reports and business reference books. Euromonitor has global network of subsidiaries including over 800 analysts worldwide.

Euromonitor publishes its research through extensive online interactive databases, which are constantly updated. They supply clients with online access to these databases. In addition the consulting division carries our custom research projects which go beyond on standard syndicated offering. The three main research projects are:

  • Passport – An on-line database covering 27 Fast Moving Consumer goods (FMCG) and Service industries.
  • Passport Industrial – on-line database analysing 177 ISIC industries across 12 of the world’s major economies.

Indicators, e.g. Industry Growth/Performance, the Role of Imports and Exports, the Value Chain and Competitive Environment as well as Countries & Consumers.

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (wiiw) is an independent economic research institute with long-term experience in analysing economic developments in Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe as well as in international economics. Wiiw’s focus lies in research on developments in the real economy. Besides, they regularly work on macroeconomic developments, structural change, competitiveness, industrial studies and international trade and foreign direct investment.

Main research topics are the explanation of patterns and dynamics of trade specialisation, determinants and effects of factor flows, patterns of foreign direct investment and of international business organisation as well as analyses of technology upgrading, spill-overs and international patterns of innovation and research and development. The institute has also been involved in building up capacity in the area of global and regional modelling of trade policy issues and of patterns of international integration. In our work we pay considerable attention to the detailed studies of specific sectors of the economy, their characteristics and the role of structural change within these sectors and in their linkages to the rest of the economy.