Industrial Competitiveness and Market Performance

The following studies have been all performed by the ECSIP consortium. Insofar the final reports of these assignments have been approved for publication by the European Commission, they are provided beneath. You can read them by clicking the link(s) beneath.


  1. Treating waste as a resource for the EU industry: analysis of various waste markets (available here)
  2. National state aid in support of innovation and SMEs: strengths and weaknesses of the EU state aid control system (available here)
  3. Study on support services for SMEs in international business (available here)
  4. Study on the international market distortion in the area of KETs: a case analysis (available here)
  5. Study on the High-end industries (finalised but not published by the client)
  6. Study on the competitiveness of the EU Electrical Engineering industry (EEI)
  7. Improving the market performance of business information services regarding listed SMEs (available here)
  8. Industries dependent on standards – patent challenges and possible policy reactions (available here)
  9. Study on the competitiveness of the toy industry (finalised but not published by the client)
  10. Study on food taxes and their impact on the competitiveness in the Agri-food sector (available here)
  11. Study on the role of firm innovation and the impact of that decision on the location of innovation (forthcoming)
  12. Study on the relation between industry and services in terms of productivity and value creation (forthcoming)
  13. Second study on Support Services for SMEs in International Business (forthcoming)