Sector Competitiveness Studies

The following studies have been all performed by the consortium. Insofar the final reports of these assignments have been approved for publication by the European Commission, they are provided beneath. You can read them by clicking the link(s).


  1. Competitiveness of the EU Pharmaceutical Industry (available here)
  2. Competitiveness of the EU Ceramics Industry (available here)
  3. Competitiveness of the EU Glass Industry (available here)
  4. Competitiveness of the EU Steel and Steel First Processing Industry (available here
  5. Competitiveness of EU Services Sectors (available here)
  6. Competitiveness of EU GMES Downstream Market (available here)
  7. Structural Change Study (key findings report)
  8. Competitiveness of the EU Gas Appliances Sector (available here)
  9. Competitiveness of the EU Metalworking and Metal Articles Industries (available here)
  10. Competitiveness of the EU Eco-industry (available here)
  11. Competitiveness of the EU Aerospace Industry (available here)
  12. Competitiveness of the EU Shipbuilding Industry (available here)
  13. Study on the Impact of Emerging Defense Markets and Competitors on the European Defence Sector (available here)
  14. Competitiveness of the European Biotechnology Industry (available here)
  15. Competitiveness of the SME’s in the ICT Services Industry (information here)
  16. Competitiveness of the EU Tourism industry (available here)
  17. Competitiveness of the EU Security Industry (available here)
  18. Competitiveness of the EU Non-ferrous Metals Industries (available here)
  19. Competitiveness of the European Meat Industry (available here)
  20. Competitiveness of the EU Construction Sector (available here)
  21. Impact of climate change adaptation and mitigation on the green-industry sector (finalised but not published by the client)
  22. Competitiveness of energy-intensive industries under the ETS: Exploratory study for the SILC initiative (finalised)
  23. Competitiveness of the EU Electrical and Electronic Goods markets (available here)
  24. Competitiveness of the European GNSS based industry (finalised but not published by the client)
  25. Competitiveness of the European companies in the context of greater resource efficiency (available here)
  26. Cross-sectoral analysis of the impact of international industrial policy on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) (available here)
  27. Competitiveness of the EU mechanical engineering industry (available here)
  28. Competitiveness study on the internationalisation and fragmentation of value chains and security of supply (available here)
  29. Market monitoring of European industry in the globalisation era – emprirical evidence on sectoral cost competitiveness on the basis of relative unit labour cost (available here)
  30. Sector overview and competitiveness survey of the railway supply industry (finalised but not published by the client)
  31. Study on business related services (finalised but not published by the client)
  32. Study on the Annual Report on European SMEs 2012 (available here)